Blok Photo Studio

Client: Blok Photo Studio
Date: September 1, 2017
Services: Social Media, Copywriting, Consulting, Content Marketing, Content Strategy

Blok Studio is a boutique photography studio in Phoenix, Arizona that offers studio space and equipment to professional and amateur photographers.  As a small business, the team at Blok needed to find a way to efficiently drive awareness for the two Blok locations and several on-site events. With a modest budget were able to double web-traffic for Blok (And create their first remarketing audience), drive significant traffic to designated landing pages, double the Blok fan base on Facebook and create a sustainable content strategy to reach prospects at each stage in the journey.



return on Ad Spend


social growth and growing

44% Increase

web traffic year over year

The Approach.

By running a content marketing campaign along with general awareness and event specific awareness ads, we have been able to grow Blok’s following along with position them as thought leaders in the photography community.   A particularly popular initiative we started for Blok, was the weekly Blok Tip, which not only helped position the studio as thought leaders and slowly introduce the educational side of the brand, but it also was great for generating web traffic and improving SEO.

By the numbers.

We increased Blok’s facebook following by over 280% in the first quarter of our campaign and website traffic has been increasing at a steady rate of 20.4% new users a month.  Lastly, rentals are more than double they were compared to the same month of the previous year.

The Impact.

The campaign is ongoing, and numbers continue to rise.   Blok has become a thought leader in the Arizona market for education which was shown with a complete sell out of their Lighting 101 class held September 22nd.   Not only was the Lighting 101 class such a success, but due to its popularity Blok will now be launching a Lighting 102 and Retouching 101 class as its EDU platform expands.

The Blok Card.

We implemented a gift card called the Blok Card allowing customers to buy bulk studio time in advance. This was a great addition to their product offering because it allows them to increase their sales without the limitation of available studio times while also improving cash flow. Customers benefit as well due to the discount they receive buying studio time in bulk.

What People Are Saying

We've been working with the Tigrett Agency for the past few years now, and we couldn't be happier with their services. They helped build our marketing strategy from the ground up. They're precise, knowledgable and can scale services to meet any budget. I highly recommend them for your marketing needs!

Matt Williams Co-Owner Blok Photo Studio