Andrew Foord Photography

Client: Andrew Foord Photography
Date: August 8, 2019
Services: Branding, Logo Design, Brand Strategy

Andrew Foord is a New Jersey based, Emmy award-winning photographer/director specializing in portraiture, entertainment, marketing and advertising projects.  He sought out the Tigrett Agency in an effort to rebrand himself.  His new brand needed to match his clean, high end photo aesthetic.

Logo Design + Brand Development

A Mark to Match the Skillset.

The goal for Andrew Foord’s branding was to create something simple, elegant and high end feeling.  A brand identity that would position him among the clients he’s looking to shoot with.  Because his logo would be utilized among various types of print collateral in his upcoming marketing efforts, it had to be both aesthetically beautiful and functional.

Beyond The Web

A Cohesive Brand.

In addition to the brand identity, we designed a variety of print collateral for Andrew Foord.  These additional pieces of collateral will be used as marketing material as Andrew works to grow his awareness among other agencies, brands, and art buyers in the industry.

What People Are Saying

``The Tigrett Agency is incredibly creative! I tasked them with creating a logo that was clean, modern and elegant, and they hit the nail on the head! With skills and natural creativity, the designers worked quickly and efficiently, presenting professional options and offering sound advice. They immediately understood what I wanted and translated it into an image that will make my brand stand out!``

Andrew Foord Owner