TrulyFresh Dog Food

Client: Truly Fresh Dog Food
Date: June 11, 2018
Services: Photography, Video Production, Content Strategy

Truly Fresh Dog Food is redefining the way dog food is manufactured.  Their goal is to provide man’s best friend with a healthy alternative to the mainstream brands.


So fresh you can taste it.

For this shoot, we needed to produce a variety of images to be used on the Truly Fresh website as well as in their print collateral. To ensure maximum cuteness we hired a variety of dog actors from a local animal talent agency.  From showcasing the natural ingredients used in the recipe to the happy pups huddled around the product, every image was designed to sell the product.

24 hours timelapse.

On top of still imagery, we created a 24 hour time lapse documenting the vast differences between a leading dog food brand and Truly Fresh’s premium cooking process.   Due to the slow cooking process of Truly Fresh doesn’t need to use greasy cooking spray to flash cook their food like most leading brands.

The Process.

Like our teachers told us growing up, show your work.  Well, here’s a little behind the scenes action of our shoot.