B Authentic Clothing Co.

Client: B Authentic Clothing Co
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Services: Branding, Graphic Design, Photography, Website Design/Development, Logo Design

B Authentic Clothing Co.

 … is a brand that inspires creative entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and do what they love.

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The Don’t Fear the Adventure Campaign

The don’t fear the adventure campaign draws from the very ideals of the brand.   Take a leap of faith and follow your dreams. The shirt is just a medium to spread this message to all those who might have self doubt or fears about pursuing what they’re passionate about.  We know there are ups and downs when starting a business, but that’s how life is. Might as well enjoy the journey and do what you were meant to due.  Through visuals and graphics promoting adventure, we created a social campaign centered around the Instagram community using the hashtag #dontfeartheadventure. The goal was to inspire individuals to purchase a shirt and take photos wearing their shirt, using it as a medium to spread the message.  It was a major success, with B Authentic receiving photos from all around the world along with emails and messages that they had inspired people to start their own businesses.

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