Abellavida Assisted Living & Memory Care Home

Client: Abellavida
Date: March 1, 2018
Services: Branding, Design, Photography, Web Design, Copywriting, Print Production, Marketing Collateral

Abellavida is a luxury assisted living & memory care home located in Carefree, Arizona.  With the goal of changing the way people care for the aging, Abellavida separates themselves from all other assisted living homes in the valley.  Your loved ones will feel right at home at on this beautiful and expansive estate.

Logo Design + Brand Development

The Brand Behind the Philosophy.

The goal for the Abellavida branding was to position the home in the luxury market, while still remaining approachable.  We wanted the logo to be functional yet beautiful.   The ability to be reduced down to just a logo mark, or fully expanded.   The design process lead us to combining 3 elements – mountains representing active lifestyle, the luxurious typeface Baskerville for the A, and the sun representing a fulfilling life.

Website Design + Development

Creating an Incredible User Experience.

We designed the website with the user experience and journey in mind.   The target customer for an assisted living home is often times making a tough, emotional decision, so the site needed to be friendly and informative.  The AbellavidaAZ.com site showcases the beautiful property, and friendly caregiving provided while showing the residents living an active lifestyle that comes along with Paul’s approach to caregiving.  You can view the Abellavida website here.

Marketing Beyond The Web

A Cohesive Brand.

In addition to the brand identity and website, we designed a variety of print collateral for Abellavida.  These additional pieces of collateral matched the branding and feel of the website to create a truly cohesive brand across all platforms.


A Picture’s Worth 1000 Words.

With a home and property as beautiful as Abellavida’s, it was important to showcase this with high quality and original photography.   Abellavida’s care philosophy is all about living a fulfilled active lifestyle, which is exactly what we showcased with the photography created for the brand.   Of course, the property is beautiful and without equal in the valley, but the main attraction for anyone looking to send their loved ones here or live here themselves is going to be a loving and active lifestyle.    This photography would also be used in any social media or paid advertising campaigns run in the future.