Goodguy Inc.

Client: Goodguy Inc
Date: August 15, 2018
Services: Web Design

Goodguy Inc is a lifestyle clothing brand founded in Pittsburgh, PA by a bunch of buddies who just wanted cool shirts to hang in.  They reached out to us to take their website to the next level.

Web Design + Development

Optimized For Mobile.

The goal for the Goodguy Inc website redesign was to position them as a more established brand.  We wanted the site to be functional yet beautiful.  As a lifestyle brand in the ecommerce space, having a mobile optimized website is crucial.  It can be the difference between acquiring a new customer or another bounced website visitor.  When designing a site we pair strategy with user experience and design to create something that converts well and is aesthetically pleasing.

Improved User Experience (UX).

Improving the user’s shoppping experience is always the goal when working with an ecommerce site.  We streamlined the UI creating a simpler, more user friendly shpping experience.  This lead to more conversions, less lost carts, and higher sales overall.

A Site Worthy of the Brand.

Goodguy Inc may be in its infancy as a company but they have spread far and wide across the globe.  Being endorsed by NHL players, to restaurants in Italy, the Goodguy name carries some weight.  Their previous website didn’t showcase their level of quality.  With updated photography and a cleaner more professional design, visitors to the site now experience the good guy brand in full effect.

Scope of work.

Discovery & Strategy

  • Brand Positioning
  • Market Research
  • Content Strategy

Design Services

  • Wireframing
  • Website Design + Development
  • User Experience Research